Our Indochina

A region of almost a quarter of a billion people
and kaleidoscopic diversity.

Five countries. Five principal languages – with five completely different scripts and alphabets. Add to those English and Chinese – both quite widely spoken – and then over 300 other distinct languages and dialects, one has a snapshot of the rich diversity and complexity of the Indochinese sub-continent.

Indochina has some of the world’s wealthiest people… and some of the poorest. Cultures range from first world urban to developing work rural to nomadic hunter gatherers, and values are just as diverse. One can add to this a plethora of religious beliefs (many of which are fusions of mainstream faiths and are virtually impossible to classify against traditional models).

Indochina’s geography varies from equatorial jungle to snow covered mountains, and whilst parts of it enjoy four full seasons, other parts have no concept of “winter” at all.

Indochina is wonderfully diverse… and fiendishly complex. That’s why we specialise in this region, and only in this region. In this regard we are like no other agency in the world, and from this we bring our unique insights to bear in crafting distinctively resonant communication.

photo: Reincarnated Soles, LanVy Nguyen – The Indochina Project