One Indochina, one riverorchid,
ten disciplines

  • Activation

    Activation is where it all began for riverorchid… with rural brand-theatre in Laos and Cambodia. Now operating across the Indochina region our work ranges from urban mall events in Bangkok to deep rural product education work in Myanmar. Our Roadshow, Carnival and Caravan Shows in Cambodia alone have now made contact with an audience of over 3.5 million people across more than 500 locations.

    CONTACT: Lide Duch.

  • Advertising

    TV, print, outdoor and radio … across our group we produce more than one TV commercial every two weeks and more than one execution of some sort every working day. Some of our clients require very high budget work – and we are very capable of handling this – but we also specialise in lower budget creative and production, including for TV we might be appropriate to some of the markets in which we operate. Our team of over 45 creative people is made up of nationals of all five countries of Indochina as well as expatriates from Asia, Australasia and Europe. Amongst our creative directors we have people who have won, amongst other metals, gold at Cannes, LIAA, One Show, and Clio, bringing genuinely international standards to match our local capability and insight.

    CONTACT: Peter Sutherland.

  • Design

    Covering packaging as well as corporate livery and interior design, our team of over 20 art based creatives and graphic specialists is assisted by a number of proprietary riverorchid research processes including our popular Live Wiring (TM) which allows designers to interact with our target audience in a sequential manner – exploring, adapting and refining work as we proceed.

    CONTACT: Ian Brown.

  • Digital

    With our hub in Ho Chi Minh City, riverorchid digital has a team of specialists offering digital strategy, creative, production, execution and evaluation across Indochina. From owned media (eg websites and microsites) to paid (eg SEM, banner) to earned (eg social), we offer integrated solutions to clients operating in categories as diverse as financial services, pharmaceuticals, retail, and alcoholic beverages. Oh yes… and amongst other things, the website you’re looking at now is our work!

    CONTACT: Tarun Dhawan.

  • HR Consulting

    Headquartered in Bangkok, our specialist human resources business, Orchid Slingshot, offers services in the fields of training, executive coaching and HR consultancy. We are also proud to work in various forms of co-operation with a range of partners from around the region and the world, including Success Insights, SHRDC, Persona Global and the Center for Leadership Studies USA (whose Situational Leadership protocol we offer in the region) and ConsultingTools UK.

    CONTACT: Apiwut Pimolsaengsuriya.

    For further information visit us at www.orchidslingshot.com

  • Media

    Headquartered out of Phnom Penh, with a dedicated team of over 40 people across Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, we offer strategy, planning, buying and monitoring across all forms of media from traditional to new, offline to online. In both Cambodia and Myanmar we provide TV ratings with GRP / TARP capability, and our media research now covers 100% of provinces in Cambodia and over 80% of Laos and Myanmar.


    CONTACT: Christer Horn af Åminne
  • PR

    Headquartered out of Ho Chi Minh City to serve the group, riverorchid PR has built particular expertise in the challenging world of healthcare, where classic advertising is often not permitted and / or use of branding is heavily restricted. This has left us well placed to handle a range of other clients in categories as diverse as airlines, energy, and consumer goods, covering the full range of PR deliverables from media relations to monitoring, events to crisis management, government relations to media coaching.

    CONTACT: Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa.

  • Premiums

    Everything communicates … even key chains, coffee mugs or baseball caps. And that’s where our premiums business – riverorchid treasures – sits. Anything from sales promotion items to branded give aways to diaries, calendars or even furniture we have supplied. We offer items off-the-shelf from catalogue as well as on a bespoke made-to-order basis.

    CONTACT: Hattaya Chansanvilai

  • Production

    Our integrated capabilities stretch upstream as well as downstream, and as part of this we operate our own audio-visual production studio, based in Phnom Penh. With four separate recording studios; sound, light and camera equipment; editing decks and daVinci post production colour grading software, we are able to produce radio, in house audio-visual, TV advertising, as well as TV programming. Language abilities include English, Khmer, Vietnamese, Thai, Mandarin, Lao and Myanma.

    CONTACT: Peter Sutherland

  • Research

    Being a communications agency means listening as well as talking, and riverorchid insight acts as the eyes and ears of riverorchid. We possess wide experience of qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic work for both commercial as well as social research. Riverorchid insight is headquartered in Cambodia with offices in Laos and Myanmar. Beyond our own group, a variety of external clients use our services and we received the accolade as the Gallup Organization’s Asia Pacific Partner of the Year for 2011 for work on Gallup World Poll.

    CONTACT: Diane Rentutar