The Indochina Project


riverorchid digital is new to the market. We needed to establish a name and reputation as thought leaders in the digital space by creating a PR campaign that would get people talking.


Introduce riverorchid Digital to potential customers and build brand awareness by directly interacting with our target audience, showcasing the potential of digital advertising and the capability of riverorchid digital.


Lead by example by showing our audience what digital advertising and in particular riverorchid digital is capable of.

The bulk of the campaign was focused on the website Participants where asked one simple question ‘What does indochina mean to you?’ and encouraged to submit their answer in the most creative way possible.

Over the course of the project the submissions were added to the website, gradually building to create a crowd sourced online artwork. The culmination of the project was a real world exhibition in HCMC showcasing all of the artworks submitted to the website alongside live painting and performances by an international line up of artists.


Utilising a grid layout we created a homepage loaded with visually appealing content and developed an interface that was slick, functional and a pleasure to use. Social media was integrated into the site through commenting, sharing and submitting.

As an incentive for the audience to submit to the project we offered one lucky artist the chance to be selected to travel to HCMC and be part of the event. The site created an ongoing digital exhibition celebrating Indochina.


We transformed a derelict motorbike parking lot in down town HCMC into an one day only exhibition unlike anything the city had seen before.

Throughout the show an international line up of artists; Rah Akaishi, Celeste Byers, Peap Tarr, Lisa Mam, Liar Ben, Peepshow, Jordan Howard and Amanda Bloom entertained the crowds with live painting and performances, alongside a wall of screens (Samsung sponsored) displaying all of the works from the website. Each work was displayed with a QR code allowing people to quickly jump to that page on the website from their smart phone where they were able to comment on and share it.


During the 8 week campaign:

Media Exposure

  • 86 Online articles
  • 4 TV stories
  • 15 Print articles

Project Participation

  • 1,836 Visits to the website
  • 295 Fans joined the Facebook event
  • Over 100 artworks submitted to the project
  • Over 300 people attended the event