Live Everymoment


GED wanted to increase awareness of the Decolgen brand through lifestyle association by creating an engaged online community. They had invested in a healthy living website sponsored by the Decolgen brand. However, they did not have an effective strategy to drive traffic to the site and increase visitor engagement so activity on the site was very low.


With the long term goal of developing an audience generated online community GED needed to first establish a solid a audience base. They set a target to generate 16,000 unique visits over 6 months.


riverorchid digital proposed a re-designed website which focused on more engaging content supported by a media strategy to drive traffic to the site.

We redesigned the website layout to be more user friendly and designed Facebook and YouTube pages.

We developed a digital media strategy including SEO, SEM, and Facebook advertising.

We developed a content strategy with regular updates of relevant content like healthy lifestyle tips, celebrity interviews, and career horoscopes.


Over six months we generated 58,075 unique visits, exceeding KPI targets by 263%. This has successfully generated awareness and established a solid base audience for the brand.

riverorchid Digital is now developing the engagement phase of the project, a re-designed community site focused on audience generated content.