FUGACAR government relations campaign


Vietnamese people in general have yet to adopt the habit of frequent de-worming. Therefore, although Fugucar is the number one OTC deworming brand in Vietnam, “the ocean of opportunity is still vast” with only 7.3% of the population having dewormed in 2011.


  • Generate de-worming demand among public (by bringing worm infections knowledge to mothers to encourage them deworming their family twice/year) with the endorsement of the government – Ministry of Health (MOH).
  • Encourage 1 million children to be de-wormed.
  • Earn Fugacar branding while we just cannot do branding for a medicine brand according to the regulations and Lifebuoy has bought the exclusive sponsorship for the national campaign kick-off ceremony in Hai Duong province on July 1st 2012.


Leverage Fugacar brand to become the official recommendation from the MOH in the national campaign named “Sanitation is patriotic”, and take it from there injecting the serious awareness and call for action of regular deworming habit among target audience via PR campaign.


  • Official agreement in collaboration between Fugacar & the MOH
  • Fugacar branding found everywhere:
    • In Paintings exhibition area in the ceremony venue, and on each painting
    • In MOH Minister’s speech with special thanks to Unilever (corporate name) & Fugacar (brand name)
    • Live broadcast on highest rating national TV – VTV1 for 2 hours
    • In the earned PR outcome after the event (free)
  • 100% of the 1st load (200,000 Fugacar tablets/doses) sold within only 2 days in mid-September. Lots of big orders are on the waiting list of Fugacar next loads.