ANZ Royal Bank


The year is 2008. Life in Cambodia has been – and to a very large extent still is – tough. It is difficult to get by, difficult to get an education, difficult to get a job, difficult to buy a home, difficult to raise a family, difficult to feel secure. The country’s quite recent past has been utterly traumatic. However, over the past 15 years or so Cambodia has witnessed significant economic and infrastructural growth, and the society has become much more stable and secure. A new optimism has begun to emerge.

People in Cambodia – like anywhere – wanted to feel good about themselves, their lives and their country. This has been a hard, even naïve, thing to do.


ANZ Royal is known as a foreign bank – highly professional but cold and distant. We needed to persuade the market that ANZ Royal was a potent force for progress and a better life in Cambodia; a true partner in helping take the Cambodian people to a better place – individually and en masse.

At the same time, we needed to retain its international status.


Instead of telling people what ANZ Royal can do for them, we turned the communication around by uplifting Cambodian culture – putting in high regard the beauty and traditions of the country, as well as the strength and character of the Cambodian people. It is all these that inspire ANZ Royal to do its best in serving the country and its people.


After airing, new account applications rose by over 125%.