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Ten years ago she started work with us as our receptionist. Now Sitha Nuon is the head of Riverorchid Media – the leading media planning and buying agency in Cambodia. It might be more of a real life Sitharella story than fairy tale Cinderella, but that was just all the more excuse for us to celebrate Sitha’s decade with Riverorchid … marzipan Jimmy Choo shoes thrown in along with the beer and bubbly!

With the party organised by our activation crew, and aesthetics from our creative colleagues (see picture above!), it was a full blown group occasion to say a huge thank you to Sitha for all that she has brought to the agency. Thanks Sitha…. and congratulations!

If you’d like to know more about our media services – or indeed artworks for parties – or indeed a career in Riverorchid, please do drop me a line on:

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