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Today we celebrated Khunna Ong’s 6,939th day in Riverorchid ! That’s 19 whole years ! And with this the countdown has begun to 23 March 2015 when we’ll be celebrating our first and only double decader ! Those of you with a numerical mind might wonder how when Riverorchid was only founded in 2000 we can have someone who’s been with us for 19 years. Well, odd though it sounds – it’s true: Khunna joined our agency before Riverorchid did, having worked for McCann Erickson Cambodia which we took over lock, stock, and barrel with Khunna included in 2001. Throughout his career with us Khunna has worked in our media planning and buying business in Phnom Penh. So here’s saying an enormous thank you to him for all those 6,939 days of tireless work on behalf of our clients. Thank You Khunna… and watch this space for Mediaman 2015… coming soon !

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